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4 Things Not To Do When Selling Your South Pasadena Home

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There may be many reasons your house isn’t selling:

  • The market is not functioning in your favor.
  • Your house is an eyesore.
  • The random chance that the ideal buyer hasn’t come along.

Read on and if you are making any of these rookie mistakes, you are torpedoing your chances of selling your South Pasadena House For Sale.

Your Asking Price Is Too High

South Pasadena Real Estate Agent

You want as much cash for your property as you can and so do our South Pasadena Real Estate Agents, however, you can’t be delusional about it. Often sellers want to overprice their homes, and our South Pasadena Listing Agents often times pass listing their property.

South Pasadena Real Estate Agents say everyone thinks they are sitting on a goldmine, but they often seem to overlook that even if a person magically came along and was foolish enough to pay their price, the house still has to appraise. In other words, a creditor is not going to approve a customer borrowing, say, $1,045,000 on a house that should sell for $785,000.

There’s A Lot Of Your Personality In The Home

Maybe throughout your home, you have a collection of frog or dolls statuettes or countless thimbles that you’ve purchased through the years out of your travels. Our South Pasadena Realtors suggest that you start boxing them up and set them out of sight. Often, homeowners do not clean up the mess, family photographs, and knick-knacks. A buyer wants to see themselves on your house, not you.

Don’t Provide Tours Of Your Home For Sale In South Pasadena, CA

This really is a job best left to a professional South Pasadena Real Estate Agent.

Nothing makes a purchaser more uncomfortable or disinterested at a property then when the seller is home for a showing. Buyers, don’t feel that they can truly explore the house if you’re there.

Don’t Allow Your Pets To Take Over The House

Pets South Pasadena Listing Agent South Pasadena Sellers Agent

This can be a bit complicated, especially if you’re a serious animal enthusiast with a motley crew. If you want to sell your home quickly for top dollar, find a place or places for them to go while we’re selling. After holding open houses, don’t forget about your pets’ toys, beds, bones… etc..

A handful of us, even animal lovers like you and me, do not enjoy the odor of cat litter, dog beds, or even bird droppings. You might be used to your scents, but it’s a real turnoff to potential buyers. South Pasadena Realtors say the ideal option is to have your pets eliminated for all of the showings and for the open houses.


A handful of South Pasadena Real Estate Agents say you are in the business of selling your home for top dollar, and companies do well in business when they are customer-friendly. Should you chase people with an overpriced product, strange scents and by hovering over your buyers, you are ensuring that you will be in this business for very long.

Do yourself a favor and hire a professional South Pasadena Real Estate Agent to have the work done for you, and make sure you walk away with more cash in your pocket.

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