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4 Things Silver Lake Home Sellers Need To Make Sure They Disclose

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Our Silver Lake Realtors are sure you’ll agree with us, if you are on a search for Silver Lake Houses For Sale, always remember, honesty is always the best policy.

Here are 4 critical things Silver Lake Home Sellers need to disclose when selling their Silver Lake Home For Sale.

Lead Paint

Silver Lake Real Estate Agents often say one item is a must when it comes to being upfront with potential home buyers: the use of lead-based paint in your home. p.s. don’t lick the walls.

“If the home was built before 1978, each party in a transaction needs to sign a lead paint disclosure,” says Glenn Shelhamer from The Shelhamer Real Estate Group in Los Angeles. “This is a federal law and applies to every state. No matter if you think the lead paint has been removed or not, it still needs to be disclosed.”


Whether it be snakes, bugs, or rats, in a majority of states, as in California, Silver Lake Realtors say sellers are required by law to disclose any type of pest infestation or issue.

“My team recently sold an apartment where the actual apartment was fine, but the residences directly above and below had small bedbug infestations,” says Kendall Key, a broker with RealPro Eastside in Los Angeles, CA. 

While not legally required to disclose this fact, as the place for sale did not actually have any bedbugs, I thought it a smart move to tell any serious would-be buyers, as it was better they hear it from me, the seller’s agent, rather than their attorney finding it out and it looking like we had tried to be sneaky or hide this material information.”

Emotional Defects

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Depending on your location, you may be required to disclose what some call “emotional defects” about a home — more importantly, if a murder, suicide, or violent crime occurred there.

Take California for example, Civil Code 1710.2 says that any death on a property does not need to be disclosed if it happened more than three years before to the sale of the home.

On the other hand, if a buyer asks, Silver Lake Realtors say this same statute requires the seller to disclose any death on the property more than 3 years old – how do you like them apples?

Neighbor Arguments or Boundary Problems

It might not seem like a big deal that your fence is 1 foot inside your neighbor’s property line, but Silver Lake Realtors say it can affect a new owner down the road. What may seem like a tiny neighborly argument could actually end up becoming a HUGE one when homes change hands, so our Silver Lake Realtors say it is smart to disclose it from the get go.


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