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5 Crucial Ways To Select the Ideal El Sereno Listing Agent To Sell Your Home

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If you’re thinking of listing a home, an exceptional El Sereno Real Estate Agent will assist you with putting together the right price, market the home professionally, qualify the buyers, and expertly negotiate and finalize the deal.

In addition, a great El Sereno Seller’s Agent has long experience with recent sales and can walk a tightrope, balancing optimism with realism, diplomacy with brutal honesty.

To help identify prospective agents, you can kindly ask for referrals from neighbors or friends or use the search tools on the Web sites of the National Association of Realtors or the Council of Residential Specialists

Furthermore, you might also want to try and limit your search to El Sereno Listing Agents with credentials that match your need. For example, on the CRS Web site, you can search for agents who specialize in the sale of single-family, condo, luxury or resort homes, as well as short sales (selling a home for less than the owner owes on a mortgage) and assisting seniors.

Ask HARD Questions

You want an El Sereno Listing Agent who is “intimately and passionately” familiar with your neighborhood. The Eastside of Los Angeles Realtor with a lot of signs in your neighborhood may not be your best decision, either. If a prospective agent has little constructive input about price and condition for you, be curious: Do they want to help you sell your house or do they just want to put a sign in your yard to bring in buyers?

Each El Sereno Listing Agent you interview should offer a comparative market analysis (a comparison of recent and pending sales of homes similar to yours) and know plenty about the neighborhood and recent sales to breakdown why you should list your home for more or less than the neighbor down the street who sold last season. Furthermore, make sure you don’t fall for the agent who promises the quickest sale for the highest price.

Figure Out Who The El Sereno Listing Agent Is Working For

El Sereno Listing Agent El Sereno Los Angeles real Estate

A majority of states require agents to disclose their “agency” relationships to you early on. Nonetheless, you’ll benefit if you ask prospective El Sereno Listing Agents whose financial interest they will serve throughout the entire sales process — and hire an Eastside of Los Angeles Listing Agent who will serve as your agent only.

If an Eastside of L.A. Real Estate Agent commands dual agency (meaning that the agent lists your home for sale but may also bring in the buyer, as a result, pocketing the entire commission instead of splitting it with the buyer’s agent) or designated agency (your agent and the buyer’s agent work for the same brokerage firm), be open to negotiating the commission down by a point or two.

A lot of money is up for grabs. And the situation is an innate conflict of interest, the buyer wants the lowest price and the seller wants the highest price. Additionally, they point out that an El Sereno Listing Agent in that boat could “browbeat” sellers into taking a deal that’s not best suited for them, or the agent may fail to present multiple offers equally to protect a buyer client.

Make Sure Your El Sereno, Los Angeles Listing Agent Has Backup

It’s crucial for an El Sereno Listing Agent to have at least one assistant; many agents have a team of specialists to assist them. Advertising a home today is not as easy as it used to be. All outlets — many online — require feeding and nurturing, collecting quantifiable analytics and forwarding the info to sellers.

At the same time, you don’t want to communicate through the assistants all the time; you want an agent with whom you can talk directly. To quell the inevitable seller’s anxiety, find out how frequently you’ll receive updates from the agent.

Sign The Proper Contract

Ask each El Sereno Listing Agent how long they would like the listing contract to last. Generally, the slower the market, the longer the contract they are likely to ask for. However, three to six months is common. For slower-selling high-end homes (say, those over a million dollars), El Sereno Listing Agents may want a year. Moreover, El Sereno Listing Agents don’t want to risk losing the listing after they’ve spent a few thousand dollars on marketing and on staging.

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