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7 Essential Ways To Get Your Los Feliz House Ready To Sell

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Prior to paying a home staging company to try to captivate home buyers to buy your house, and definitely before you spend thousands on home upgrades, our Los Feliz Listing Agents say that it is crucial to understand you do not have to invest a fortune or a massive amount of time to prepare your home to sell, unless you want to go down that path and it should be on a case-by-case bases.

Here are 7 seamless ways to prepare your home to sell that will help you get the most out of your property, and potentially get it sold in a variety of offers quickly.

#1  Clean Everything

Yes, our Los Feliz Sellers Agents HIGHLY SUGGEST that you don’t take this step lightly. The carpets do not have to be replaced unless they have stains that will not come out or are thread bare, nonetheless, they must be cleaned. Any areas where pets may have had an accident will definitely need to be steam cleaned. Additionally, furniture should be vacuumed or covered up as well.

Our Los Feliz Listing Agents recommend that you put on your buyers hat and think of everywhere prospect buyers will be looking when you are searching for places to clean. At a minimum, the bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms need to be tidy and spotless.

In addition, our Los Feliz Sellers Agents suggest that you make sure you eliminate cobwebs from under sinks and in closets, and also make sure that there are no toothpaste splashes on counters, mirrors, or in the sinks, and keep the trash cans empty.

Dust and dust again, and not just the obvious locations, though those should be dusted first. Dust the ceiling fan blades, on shelves and mantles, and all wood or metal furniture. It is crucial that the counters and sink be clear of dirty dishes as this can be a huge turnoff for some buyers who will be unable to look past the mess and see all the potential your property may have for them.

#2  Get Rid Of Odors

Sometimes, the scented plug-ins or incense could cause an asthma attack, and most of the time, the potential home buyers just do not like them, so our Los Feliz Listing Agents suggest that you put them away. If you have an array of scented candles, or chemical sprays in the house, homebuyers may wonder what you are trying to cover up. The last thing you want is for their mind to daze off and think you are hiding a mold or smoke issue.

Los Feliz Sellers Agents say that kitchen smells can be overbearing to a handful of potential home buyers, so keep that in mind as you prepare meals.

#3  Avoid Home Character Issues

All those little marks and scuffs that give your house its distinct character should be fixed if at all possible, because homebuyers may see it as damage. Our Los Feliz Sellers Agents always advice our seller clients to repaint rooms as well as remove any dirt marks or fingerprints from the walls and doors. Even something as seamless as a floorboard that creaks could put doubt in a buyer’s mind about the home’s structure.

It can be hard for some home sellers, but the more you can de-personalize and de-clutter your home, the better able homebuyers will be able to imagine their things in the home. You do not have to put away all pictures, books and keepsakes, but the more you are able to put into storage, the BETTER.

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#4  Clear Out Clutter

The clutter needs to go! No piles of unopened bills on the counter, no heaps of toys in the corner, no shoe piles by the front door, and definitely no closets so full they give the appearance they are smaller than they actually are. Anything you can do to make your property appear larger than it actually is will aid in the interest from more potential homebuyers.

If you have oversized furniture, it could be smart to remove it from the property before attempting to sell. Moreover, you want potential homebuyers to be able to visualize their items going into the home, not trying to navigate around your stuff.

#5  Bring In The Light

Our Los Feliz Real Estate Agents say that dimly lit rooms often make the space look gloomy and dark, even when it is not. Our Los Feliz Realtors suggest that you pull back the curtains and open the blinds to display the organic light your home may have. If views are obstructed by privacy bushes, we suggest that you trim them back to improve the natural lighting.

Don’t forget to replace burned out light bulbs throughout the home. In addition, it is also worth thinking about replacing darker drapes and bedding to give those rooms a lighter look which will make them look more spacious. Or you could hire a stager to aid in the process.

#6  Bring Nature Inside

Sometimes, bringing nature inside can be a good thing. This does not mean you have to go out and purchase a whole bunch of new potted plants to scatter them around, but a few well-placed varieties can make your house feel homey and fresh. If you do have potted plants, our Los Feliz Sellers Agents suggest that you make sure they are green and lively, not yellow or brown.

Another great touch is having a bouquet of flowers in a pretty vase on the living room table or a kitchen island to give the room an inviting look.

#7  Tend to Nature Outside

When thinking about your home’s curb appeal, the first thing you should think of is how the house looks from the outside. Is the grass cut? Are the trees well maintained? Are the shrubs lively and a reasonable height or overgrown like a jungle scene? Are there weeds in the front yard?

Does it look inviting to someone driving by? Rule of thumb… our Los Feliz Sellers Agents suggest that you ask your neighbor what they think about your house. If you don’t like what you hear it’s time to get to work.

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As you can see, getting your home ready to be put on the market and attract homebuyers does not have to cost you a fortune. With a small amount of thoughtful planning and preparation, you can get your home listed, seen, and sold in a short amount of time, especially if you price the property according to current market conditions, and work with a savvy Los Feliz Real Estate Professional that has a very specific marketing strategy that’s proven and effective. Furthermore, our Los Felis Real Estate Agents say it’s also generally a good idea to know a talented and local mortgage broker.

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