The Top Projects to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Outward appearance can mean the difference between an instant sale and a home that sits on the market for a while. Although what’s on the outside isn’t always what counts, it makes a significant difference in how others perceive your home.

There’s no better time than now to get to work on beautifying the front of your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, check out the top projects to boost your curb appeal.

Upgrade Your Entrance

One of the easiest ways to boost your curb appeal is by upgrading your home’s entrance. It’s relatively easy to do and low-cost.

If you don’t want to replace your front door altogether, you can put a coat of paint over it. Choose a color that contrasts with the rest of your house to make it pop. If your front door needs a complete upgrade, purchase a new one, which can increase your curb appeal and security.

Additionally, there are a few other projects around your entrance you can work on, like adding new house numbers, putting some potted plants next to the door, or even replacing your welcome mat.

Clean Your Windows

Having clean windows both inside and outside your home makes a huge difference in the way it  looks to those on the outside. This task might be a bit challenging, but it’s worth it to make your home shine a bit brighter.

The inside of your home’s windows should be pretty easy to clean. You might have to enlist the help of someone who has a ladder or a long-handled squeegee for the outside. You’ll be amazed by how much dirt comes off!

Pressure-Wash the Dirt Away

Whether you use a garden hose or rent a power washer, this project will make your home look brand-new. Sometimes, all your house needs is a bit of water to make it sparkle again. Set your hose to the highest power setting or use a pressure washer to make large sweeps across the exterior of your home.

Use caution with a pressure washer. You want to avoid spraying the windows and the underside of your house’s siding. Too much pressure can remove siding and caulk.

Add New Porch Furniture

Adding some new outdoor seating to your front porch or yard boosts your home’s curb appeal. It makes your house a warm and inviting place for anyone to come and relax. And there’s no better time to shop for those new arrivals than in the early spring and summer months.

If you already have outdoor furniture, take some time to wash it or give it fresh upholstery or paint. Bamboo furniture or even wicker furniture can look brand-new by adding a coat of spray paint and the addition of a new cushion.

Plant Some Flowers

A simple way to add color to your front yard is by planting flowers. Annual flowers will provide you with a season’s worth of colors, while perennial flowers will come back year after year. If you want to keep up with seasonal blooms, choose annual flowers like black-eyed Susans, petunias, pansies, and mums. They’re cost-effective, as well.

Once you plant flowers, make sure you keep up with the flower beds. Add mulch to make the colors of your flowers show even more. Plus, the mulch will keep weeds at bay, and they will keep in moisture, requiring less maintenance.

Take Care of the Lawn

For a quick do-it-yourself improvement on your curb appeal, manicure your lawn. Keeping up with yard maintenance is expected of most homeowners, especially if you live in a neighborhood with other well-manicured lawns. It gives the yard a professional look.

Regularly cut the grass to start with. You don’t have to get fancy with the lines in your yard — as long as you trim the grass and ensure the weeds are gone, people driving by will admire your house. If you’re showing a home to sell, you can make your lawn look greener by spraying nontoxic, environmentally-friendly spray paint.

Clear Your Driveway

Where do you store your garbage cans? If they’re sitting out in front of your house on your driveway, you might want to consider moving them. Trash cans and recycling bins are necessary for any home, but they can become an eyesore, especially if the rest of your home has excellent curb appeal.

Consider storing them in your garage or an enclosed area, like behind a bush, a fence, or even off to the side of your garage. Keep your driveway as clean and clear as possible.

Update Your Garage Door

The front of your home isn’t the only thing you can update to boost your curb appeal. Your garage needs maintenance and care every once in a while, too. If you pressure-wash your home, you might as well clean your garage door, too.

Additionally, you can purchase a set of metal handles and attach them to the middle of the door to make your garage door go from plain to country chic.

If it’s within your budget, though, you should consider entirely replacing your garage door. It increases your house’s resale value and curb appeal. It boosts your garage’s functionality as well.

Add Shutters or Repaint Yours

Shutters add contrast to your home’s siding, and they’re easy to repaint if you already have them lining your windows. If you don’t already have shutters, you can make your own or purchase pre-made ones. Shutters nowadays are mainly for decoration, but they do wonders for your curb appeal.

Since shutters are removable, you can always take them off to give them a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps you’ll even change the color scheme of your home — you can easily match the shutters with the rest of your house to give it a professional look.

Brighten the Front of Your Home

Improving the lighting of your home can change the look and mood of your home for the better. Anytime someone comes to your door, they should feel safe, warm, and invited. Add a few small solar-powered lights to the sidewalk in front of your home for a lighted pathway, and install a bright porch light outside your front door.

Adding lights to your front door enhances your home’s focal point. Make sure all of the lights outside your home function and are the same color or shade.

Give Your Home a Makeover

These projects instantly make any home more appealing. And there’s no better time than now to start those home makeover projects to boost your curb appeal!

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