Commission dispute between Broker & Agent

Steps to protect yourself if your real estate broker steals your commission.

Commission dispute between Broker & Agent. What you need to know to protect yourself.

First I’d like to remind you as a matter of California law, a Real Estate Broker or Agent owes the highest duty of good faith, honesty and fair dealing to their client. This duty is referred to as the Fiduciary Duty. It is the same duty that is owed by attorneys to their clients or trustees to living trusts.

Sometimes as a real estate licensee, you can get mixed up with bad brokers. That’s totally fine. Could happen to anyone. Once you realize the weasels committing ethics violations, bribery, or fraud it’s time to part ways though.

At the end of the day, are you really shocked your real estate broker stole from you? Wondering how they plan to get away with it? Read this article to find out what your options could be if you decide to fight back and get your money.

In the rare event, your Broker decided to stiff you for commission – don’t panic!

You’ll learn there are a number of remedies to collect your money, and you may even have a bit of fun along the way.

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Walk away or fight for justice?

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