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A Buyers Guide To Houses In The Eastside Of Los Angeles

A Buyers Guide To Houses In The Eastside Of Los Angeles

A Buyers Guide To Houses In Eastside Of Los Angeles is the full and complete preview guide for what to expect in a usual 30-45 day escrow period shopping for Highland Park homes for sale. Regardless if you’re paying cash, the below process is typical.

Buying a home in the Eastside of L.A. communities is probably one of the largest financial commitments you will ever make. Now don’t let that freak you out! Take a deep breath you’re in good hands.

Our Eastside Of L.A Real Estate Agents says, it’s best to not look at a home as only dollars and cents, but instead as an investment in your life. If you do decide to purchase, our Eastside Of L.A Realtors is willing to be here every step of the way with you. Are you ready to pull the trigger?

Step #1: Choose A Eastside of Los Angeles Realtor

An exceptional and professional Eastside of LA Realtor can assist you in the home buying process, and in addition make it a nightmare if they are not that great at their job or for whatever reason you don’t get along. You can always search for online testimonials such as Yelp and Zillow for reviews.

Additionally, try and meet with at least one or two Real Estate Agents In the Eastside of Los Angeles face to face. Intuitively, if it feels right, give it a shot. The best aspect about it for you is that when working with an “Eastside Los Angeles Buyers Agent” you typically pay nothing out of your own pocket. The agent representing the buyer is paid from the listing fee.

Hint: It doesn’t hurt to choose a real estate agent that’s plugged into the area you’re searching to buy a property. What our agents mean by that is it doesn’t hurt to have an agent working for you that knows the area well, and plays nicely in the sandbox with the other Agents and Brokers in the Eastside of L.A. area.

Step #2: Get Pre-Approved

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When you’re ready to search for houses for sale in Eastside L.A, our agents say we recommend going down the pre-approval process with a lender before even meeting with a Realtor. That is if you have a great relationship with your banker. Nowadays a conventional Bank i.e Chase, Wells Fargo, or Bank of America have extremely competitive rates for first time buyers, owner-occupied multi-family, and jumbo loans.

Mortgage Brokers are tech savvy and should have access to conceivably more lending programs and definitely more resources at their disposal; however, lately, our Eastside of L.A Realtors have seen better rates and terms coming out of the big banks.

Step #3: Improve Your Focus

When searching for Houses For Sale In Eastside Los Angeles, know what you are shopping for. We also suggest that you narrow down your search focus to one or two property types with a distinct budget in mind. Having been pre-approved by this point, you’ll know a little more about your borrowing and buying power. In addition, we suggest that you ask your local Eastside of L.A Realtor to send you the best new listings on the market that fit your needs.

Hint: We all want more than what we can afford. Baby steps to success are my new motto. Believe me, I am using this advice myself.

Step #4: View Properties

By this point, you should be reviewing property listings that your agent is sending you via email based on your search criteria. Once you find a few spots that meet your demands, have your Agent set up tours and get a better sense of the market and neighborhoods. Walk the houses, kick tires. Ask questions. Get your Agent working for their commission. Then make your selection.

Step #5: Make An Offer

When you’ve discovered the right spot and you’re ready to pull the trigger on an offer don’t be hesitant. Depending on market conditions and whether it’s a hot property on the MLS or off-market you may need to act immediately. Trust your Eastside L.A. Realtor to present the best offer for you and make you look like the best candidate in the Sellers’ eyes.

Step #6: Negotiate Terms

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When searching for Houses For Sale negotiating the terms are crucial and it’s common to have counter-offers from the other side of the deal. Be prepared to be flexible on price, closing dates, appliances, repairs, and terms.

Hint: If you’re working with us, this process is going to be as stress-free as possible for you.

Step #7: Open Escrow & Inspections

Once our Agents gets an accepted offer for you generally within 72 hours you’ll deposit 3% of the purchase price into an escrow account. That escrow will have a “neutral party” Escrow Officer in charge of the transaction and will assist us every step of the way till closing day. Fees are nominal and vary from firm to firm.

Hint: Our Eastside of Los Angeles Buyers Agents work with the least expensive Escrow and Title companies in Los Angeles.

This is also our time to have the property structure and systems evaluated. An experienced, outside professional General Inspector, is worth every penny.

Step #8: Do A Thorough Walkthrough

When searching for Houses For Sale in the Eastside of Los Angeles make sure you do a final walkthrough before the loan funding and close of escrow. This is practical to make sure everything you thought was included in the purchase agreement has remained on property…and that the house is still standing in one piece.

Step #9: Close

At closing, you will review and sign the relevant closing documents. Then, after providing a cashiers check, certified check, or wire transfer for the downpayment and closing costs, the keys are passed to you and the property is yours!

Step #10: Move In!

Moving Eastside Los Angeles Real Estate Agent

Our Eastside of L.A Realtors says you need to make sure you turn on utilities and set up for internet and cable or whatever else is your pleasure. Nothing is worse than waiting a week for the WiFi to get turned on.

We hope this little rant has been helpful. Feel free to contact me anytime you have questions about houses for sale in Los Angeles or want advice on selling the property you already have.