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“The Serene” Although you may have never heard of it, El Sereno is far from new as it is one of the oldest sections in Los Angeles dating back to 1769 and on track to be one of the hottest Eastside real estate markets.  However, history might not be the only reason newcomers are joining the revitalizing neighborhood of El Sereno and it’s many captivating homes for sale.

The hillsides, the views, the quick side street route to Downtown LA, plus the entrepreneurial spirit behind long-standing gems and new artistic hot spots are drawing in the new faces. Equi-distant from the Highland Park favorites on Figueroa and York and California State University LA, this historic neighborhood and the homes for sale in it, is about to make history yet again.

El Sereno Real Estate: let’s talk about LOCATION!!

El Sereno is bordered on the north by Highland Park and South Pasadena, on the east by Alhambra, on the south by East Los Angeles, and on the west by Lincoln Heights and Montecito Heights.

El Sereno Listing Agent | El Sereno Sellers Agent

Just east of the 110 freeway makes El Sereno a quick pop over to Highland Park, Eagle Rock or hop on the 5 for an exit to Dodgers Stadium. The back roads make the easy commute to DTLA  just 15-20  minutes.

At 4.7 squares miles this little neighborhood and the houses for sale in it, boast smaller sub-neighborhoods including:

Hillside Village – smack in the middle which has come to be the most exclusive and popular sub-neighborhood.

El Sereno Listing Agent | El Sereno Sellers Agent

University Hills – with its close proximity to Cal State LA, and its rolling hills, University Hills has a private feel with a strong sense of community.

Rose Hill – Western border

Baird Park –  (Bairdstown) northern border.

El Sereno Hills- Eastside, boasting homes for sale with incredible views on streets such as Calandaria.

El Sereno Community 

El Sereno is a vibrant and artistic community that was built on the many generations of its residents that took pride in their culture. A variety of residents have lived there for the entirety of their lives and support the growth and rejuvenation of the community.

El Sereno Listing Agent | El Sereno Sellers Agent

Although other neighboring cities are more commonly know for their influx of hipsters and creatives, El Sereno has become a home to a handful of young families looking for a place to set their roots. El Sereno has been ranked one of the top areas in Los Angeles for millennials as the sense of community, location, and forethought that this neighborhood is ripe for revitalization.

El Sereno Outdoor Activities

The “Serene” beauty of El Sereno is meant to be enjoyed. Ascot Hills Park has stellar views and if you’re willing to do a bit of a clime you can see the DLTA skyline. Perfect for family picnics or to take your furry baby out for some fresh air.

El Sereno Listing Agent | El Sereno Sellers Agent

The El Sereno Rec Center and El Sereno park is the perfect spot to for sporting activities and family and friend meetups.

For the kiddo’s El Sereno Arryo Playground, with a huge population of kids under five El Sereno build this playground full with jungle gyms, slides and monkey bars.

El Sereno Eats and Drinks

Airliner- Great vibe and drinks for a diverse crowd of people who love great music. Whether it is an up and coming producer or a live show the tunes and atmosphere are will make you boogy.

Charlie Trio- Authentic Italian, in an area known for their stellar Mexican this gem will hit the spot when you are craving some old school pasta. Great for families or date night.

El Sereno Listing Agent | El Sereno Sellers Agent

Antiqua Bread- The most common quote on Yelp for this new El Sereno hot spot is “ The food is the bomb”. It’s a must try breakfast place on the East Side.

El Sereno Architecture and El Sereno Park Real Estate

El Sereno boasts an abundant mix of storybook houses for sale and Spanish colonial/Mediterranean bungalows.

With record soaring price tags for homes in neighboring cities such as Highland Park, Echo Park, and Mount Washington, El Sereno offers a little more bang for your buck… for the time being. If Highland Park is the new Silverlake, then El Sereno is going to be the next Highland Park.

El Sereno Listing Agent | El Sereno Sellers Agent

With average home prices in El Sereno just 5 years ago going for 356,000 to last year with a home sale of over 1 million dollars the appreciation value is skyrocketing at a speed you almost never see.

El Sereno Historical Fun Facts: As One Of The Oldest Neighborhoods in LA, El Sereno Has Quite The History

The El Sereno area was first visited by Europeans in 1769 when the Spanish overland Portola Expedition passed just south of present-day El Sereno. In 1771, Mission San Gabriel Arcángel was founded, including the area that became El Sereno area of its lands was used for cattle grazing, and an adobe was constructed there in 1776.

In 1784, three years after the Pueblo was founded, Spanish Governor Pedro Fages granted all the lands between the Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco to Jose Maria Verdugo. The Rancho San Rafael as it was known, covered approximately 36,000 acres (14,569 ha). The El Sereno area was not included in either the pueblo or Rancho San Rafael.

El Sereno was later part of the Mexican Rancho Rosa Castilla land grant. Around 1810, a New Spain government’s adobe toll house was built next to the road from the Mission to the Pueblo (present-day Valley Boulevard/Alhambra Avenue), near present-day Warwick Avenue and Martin Street, just north of Alhambra Avenue.

The first roads were built in 1859 and ran along Valley Blvd.

The Southern Pacific Railroad was built through El Sereno in 1876 with a stop at Aurant.

On May 1, 1895, the first inter-urban rail route in Southern California opened from Los Angeles to Pasadena along the Arroyo Seco, spurring subdivisions along that passage. By 1915, eleven tracts had been subdivided in the Bairdstown area, centered at Farmdale Avenue (now Eastern Avenue) and Huntington Drive.

During WW1 El Sereno’s population rose as the country prepared for the war. Because of rationing of gas and rubber, most new residents who came to work at the aircraft and munitions factories in Los Angeles moved to communities along the Pacific Electric routes. EI Sereno experienced huge industrial growth during the war years.

A handful of the families that moved here at the time were Italian-American. The rise in population led to the construction of the El Sereno Theatre at 3333 Eastern Avenue; it was the third theater in the community.

After WW2 restrictions that had prevented Mexican-American families who lived in the adjacent communities of Lincoln Heights and Boyle Heights from purchasing homes in EI Sereno. After restrictions were lifted by a 1948 Supreme Court decision (Shelly v. Kraemer), many Mexican-American families moved to EI Sereno. The demand for housing after World War II was satisfied by the construction of new neighborhoods in the southern end of EI Sereno.