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Essential Questions To Ask Your Atwater Village Real Estate Agent

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  1. Our Atwater Village Real Estate Agent always ask, who will handle the fix-up and get my home ready for the market process?
  2. Ask you Atwater Village Realtor, “Do I need to paint or fix up my house or can I sell “as is”?
  3. What is the downside to selling “as is”?
  4. Who pays for staging?
  5. Does my house need to be staged?
  6. What happens if I decide not to sell?
  7. What should I do if my friend has a real estate license?
  8. Can I cancel my listing after a period of time?
  9. What if a friend or a neighbor buy my house?
  10. What is your rate of commission?
  11. Do you need a “for sale” sign?  What value does it bring?
  12. Is the fee the same when you represent both the buyer and the seller?
  13. How long of a listing contract do you require?
  14. Ask your Atwater Village Realtor – “How many homes have you personally sold in the neighborhood?”
  15. How long do you think it will take to sell my property?
  16. Do you recommend home inspections in advance?
  17. Do you have a concierge service for vendors and movers?
  18. How do you screen your buyers?
  19. Do you sometimes represent both the buyer and seller?
  20. How can you be working for me if you also represent the buyer?
  21. How do you handle offers?
  22. How do you cultivate multiple offers?
  23. Will you communicate with me more by phone, by email or in person?
  24. Do you advertise in The View magazine?
  25. What is your source of potential buyers?
  26. Who holds the open houses?
  27. Who does the showing appointments or do you use a key box?
  28. How do you deal with pets in the home?
  29. As an Atwater Village Real Estate Agent, “Do you represent more buyers or more sellers?”
  30. What happens if the buyers need to obtain a loan?
  31. What is your connection to international clients?
  32. Do you have offices in Europe and Asia?
  33. What is your marking plan?
  34. Don’t be hesitate to ask your Atwater Village Real Estate Agent, “What happens if a buyer needs to sell their current home?”
  35. How do you handle disclosures?
  36. Do you submit your listings to
  37. Who writes the property description?
  38. What are your thoughts about the prices quoted on Zillow?
  39. Do you have a personal website?
  40. How you use social media to sell your listings?
  41. How do you market using the internet?
  42. Constantly ask each Atwater Village Realtor, “What are the pros and cons of selling my house quietly without a sign or multiple agents participating?”

Atwater Village Real Estate Agent | Atwater Village Sellers Agent

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