Eastside Los Angeles Homes For Sale

Getting Your House Ready To Sell In The Eastside of L.A.

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Our Eastside of L.A. Listing Agents are sure that your home has a a handful of personality. In fact, we’re almost positive if you’re like us and most individuals, you have a variety of pictures above the fireplace, and even more covering the walls displaying joyful family and friend memories over the years.

Some of you might even have awards and other trophies in the children’s bedrooms or everywhere else representing your family members achievements that make you proud… or maybe you’re like us and have the fridge door covered with notes, pictures, and random embarrassing souvenir magnets we bought on family vacations.

Unfortunately, when it comes to selling your home, all of that personality can work against you. Our Eastside of L.A. Listing Agents say that when buyers view your property, they want to visualize themselves living there, not you and your family. Make sense?

Have you ever noticed how model homes or “staged homes” are most of the time beautifully furnished and decorated? All the rooms look ideally captivating and enticing. They easily draw you in. They make you want to stay right? Why? Because, although all the rooms in the model homes or staged homes look amazing, they’re also impersonal and generic. That’s because there is no uncomfortable sense that you’re in a stranger’s home. You can seamlessly see yourself living there.

Eastside of Los Angeles Houses For Sale

That’s exactly what you should try to accomplish when you’re preparing your house, apartment, or condo for sale. You can’t get rid of every personal item in your home, and we completely are aware of that. That would be impractical. Nonetheless, there are a lot of minor adjustments you can make to depersonalize your home that would make a world of difference for you ultimately earning more money on the sale of your property. For example, you can:

  • Take down personal pictures form the walls and anywhere else
  • Clear items from the fridge door, cabinets, and shelves
  • Store awards and trophies away in boxes
  • Remove personal knick knacks and similar items
  • Keep only general titles on a bookshelf and store the rest away

Our Eastside of Los Angeles Real Estate Agents are going to keep on reminding you over and over again, the more easily buyers can envision themselves or their families living in your home, the more likely they will become interested in the property, and make an offer to buy the spot.

The alternative to the above is you moving out of your home completely. Let a skilled and experience Eastside of L.A. Realtor help stage the property, and take professional photographs and video. If you have the resources to relocate before the sale is procured that may be a smoother process for you. If your Realtor is like me we can get the job done for top dollar with you still living at the property. Our Eastside of Los Angeles Listing Agents hope you enjoyed the above information.

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