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Home Flaws That Can Be Big Deals For Silver Lake, CA Home Buyers

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Our Silver Lake Real Estate Agents say that after living in the same home for a while, it’s incredible what you can get used to.  Things such as:

  • A creaky floorboard, for instance.
  • A chipped tile that you’ve been meaning to replace but haven’t gotten around to.
  • A doorknob that needs a little coaxing to turn. No big deal, right?

Silver Lake Real Estate Agents say these small flaws can be BIG deal breakers when you choose to sell your home.

Prospective buyers are going to add all the ‘flaws’ they find to the price of the property, and that’s when they begin trying to discount the price.

1. An Old Electrical Panel

Recently, home buyer made a controversial request for a repair. Our Silver Lake Real Estate Agents say that apparently their home inspector claimed that $2,000 worth of repairs were needed on an electrical panel to get it “up to code.” The sellers insisted the current panel worked just ok.

Silver Lake Real Estate Agents say that to the sellers, it was a minimal effort, but to the buyers, it was an electrical panel that could fail them at any time.

To end this specific debate, this Silver Lake Listing Agent got bids from four electricians and got the repair quote knocked down to $1,200. The sellers offered that amount as a credit in lieu of repair at closing.

2. Ripped Window Screens

Silver Lake Realtors Silver Lake Houses For Sale

Window screens will wear out over time, but if yours are torn, take it seriously. They’re a pain for anyone to replace, therefore, sellers don’t want to do it and buyers will insist that they do. If the sellers refuse to fix it, the buyers will demand a credit. This can be a major point of contention, and we’ve seen it delay progress before.

3. The Location Of Your Laundry Room

Silver Lake Real Estate Agents say even if you own a state-of-the-art washer and dryer—and plan to bestow both on your lucky buyers—they may not be so thrilled with these nice appliances if they aren’t situated in what they think is the “right” place.

Some buyers have a problem with the laundry being on the ‘wrong’ level, especially in a three-level house or townhouse-style condo.

In other words, you might be fine lugging your laundry to the basement, but don’t expect all buyers to feel the same way. Offer to move these items to a new locale to warm buyers up.

4. Sticky Door Locks

Live in a house long enough, and you’ll encounter a malfunctioning door latch or lock. That may be no big deal to you, but it may alarm buyers big-time. If it’s an exterior door, our Silver Lake Realtors say they will likely view this as a big safety issue.

5. Your Bathtub Or Shower

Bathtub Silver Lake Realtors

Silver Lake Real Estate Agents say some individuals prefer showers, others want baths (more then anything, parents who must clean up after small children). So if you’re missing one or the other, keep a look out!

Silver Lake Real Estate Agents say that in a perfect world, you’ll have both: a bath with a shower head above. But even if your bathtub works just fine, make sure the style isn’t too off. Not everyone is excited to soak in a tub straight out of “Stranger Things” in avocado green.

If that’s you, luckily there is an easy fix: Silver Lake Realtors recommend that you consider slapping on a new coat of paint (yes, you can do that).

6. Small Closets

Our Silver Lake Real Estate Agents say a handful of home buyers focus on closets, are there enough? Are they large enough? Walk-in closets are also preferred. There are a few things you can do to ease these concerns. For example, our Silver Lake Realtors suggest that you try to make your closets look roomier by decluttering them as much as possible.

Silver Lake Realtors say you might also think about hiring a contractor to create or extend closets where needed—or at least point out to buyers that they can do this themselves.

7. The Walls Of Your Kitchen

Silver Lake Realtors suggest if your kitchen currently have four walls, you could be in trouble. In addition, Silver Lake Real Estate Agents say potential home buyers may look at the possibility of breaking down a wall, but be warned, many might not want to do the work, or just get such a bad first impression of your kitchen that they move on.

If you think your kitchen’s four walls feel cramped and is stalling your sale, think about opening it up yourself.

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