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How To Choose A Los Feliz Realtor When You’re Looking to Buy

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Wondering how to choose a Los Feliz Realtor? Purchasing a new home takes some serious prep work—from cleaning up your credit score to amassing a down payment. But, hey, we’re just getting started!

Most Los Feliz Real Estate Agents will also tell you that you will also need a comrade in arms: a close ally to help steer you toward homes you’ll love more than life itself, find the best possible mortgage, and all in all help you through this emotionally and financially taxing process. That’s where an exceptional Los Feliz Real Estate Agent can make a world of difference.

Here’s how to find one who’s got your back. And your front. Every side, actually.

How To Properly Choose A Realtor

The first thing you might notice while trying to find home-buying help is all the different titles: agent, broker, Realtor, etc. Are they all the same thing? Not exactly.

Realtor is either a Los Feliz Real Estate Agent or broker who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. Los Feliz Realtors adhere to a detailed code of ethics to treat their clients honestly and fairly. Consider it added insurance that they’re committed to your cause.

Additionally, a Los Feliz Real Estate Agent is anyone who’s earned a license to sell property, which typically entails taking 100+ hours of course work and then passing a state exam. A Los Feliz Real Estate Broker is someone who’s continued his studies and can hire agents to work under him.

Conduct A Search Online

Los Feliz Homes For Sale Los Feliz Realtors

We all shop online for everything these days, and discovering a Los Feliz Real Estate Agent isn’t any different. To locate ones in your area, find a Realtor search, which will give you useful info such as:

  • The Los Feliz Realtor’s number of years of job experience
  • Number of homes sold
  • And the price of homes typically dealt with.

Take note of a Los Feliz Realtor’s track record, because this can tip you off to great Los Feliz Real Estate Agents nearby and whether they’re a fit for your needs.

Don’t Settle For ‘Decent Enough’

According to the NAR, 52% of first-time buyers found their Los Feliz, CA Realtor through a friend—and two-thirds contacted only one agent before moving forward.

It’s best if you speak with two or more Los Feliz Real Estate Agents so you can get comparisons and make a powerful choice.

Trust us, there can be a huge difference between a Los Feliz Real Estate Agent who’s “good enough” and one who’s absolutely incredible — the difference between discovering your dream home or not, and saving or wasting tens of thousands of dollars.

So the extra legwork you do now could really pay off in the (not so) long term. Our Los Feliz Realtors suggest that you make sure to explore at least a few alternative options and grill them thoroughly before settling down with one.

Additionally, make sure to ask plenty of questions:

  • How long have you been in Real Estate? You’re looking for an experienced Los Feliz Agent and while they don’t need decades of experience under their belt, less than a year or two of experience can be quite concerning.
  • How long have you lived in this Los Feliz, CA area? One noteworthy exception to the previous question is if they’ve lived in the area for a long time. A newly licensed Los Feliz Real Estate Agent shouldn’t be automatically removed from consideration.
  • If they’ve lived in the area their entire life, they likely know more about it than an agent who has been in the business for years but only recently moved to the region. Weigh overall experience against local experience when making your decision.
  • Do you have a team, or do you work alone? A variety of standalone Los Feliz Real Estate Agents are incredible, but don’t ignore the value of a team. Working with a team is essential. It also increases response time and availability. Often, solo-run Los Feliz Real Estate Agents are double-booked when you need their attention, and you may lose that perfect property. 
  • What is your schedule? If they’re not a full-time Los Feliz Real Estate Agent, you need to know when they’ll be available. If the only time you can see houses is in direct conflict with times they have to be working their other jobs, you could miss out on a tremendous amount of properties. 
  • Do you have any vacations planned? If they’re heading out of the city anytime soon, our Los Feliz Real Estate Agents suggest that you make sure they have a back-up in case you find the ideal home while they’re out of the country.
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