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Installing a fountain on your property may save you a fortune!

The mention of a garden fountain may evoke a calm and serene feeling. You may picture a very modern infinity fountain like the one in the featured image above, which we recently installed on a renovation in Highland Park. You may imagine yourself listening to the gentle flow of water while sipping your favorite drink after a long and busy work week. Fountains can do that for us. The introduction of a water sound and visual triggers the ancient human when finding water meant finding life.

If all that the insertion of a water feature did was calm us it would be well worth the investment but can a fountain also save you money? The answer is YES! One company we love for fountains is Stone Forest.

Most gardens are on some sort of automatic watering system.  These systems allow you to travel and leave your home for an extended period of time while your landscape continues to flourish! The most common type of automatic watering system is the drip line irrigation system. The drip line is so popular due to its versatility and invisibility feature. The drip line is set up to an automatic timer and boom you can have it all, a thriving landscape and a selfie at London Bridge! Perfect right? Almost!

squirrel in Highland Park CA

Thirsty Squirrel – look out!

The one major downside with drip irrigation is the fact that water is always collected inside the line. In times of heat, wildlife can smell the water and they will bite into the line to get the water, which will, in turn, disable your drip line. Many of our clients have come home after a few weeks away to find 1/2 of their landscaping has baked away in the heat without any water. The greatest offender of the dripline chew is the squirrel however raccoons, possums, skunks and feral cats have also known to get the munchies.

So how can you safeguard your line? Add a fountain! Give the wildlife a place to drink so they don’t need to search for water. Add a fountain that wildlife can get to easily. We recommend a floor braced fountain without a pool. This will ensure all size wildlife can access the water and there will be no risk of any little guys droning. Once you install a fountain in your home, you will be amazed at all of the new birds that will come and get a drink! You get a calming mechanism and the wildlife gets a vital life source.

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