Saguaro Cactus in Highland Park CA

Saguaro Cactus rescue finds Forever Home in Highland Park

25 ft Tall and 4ft Round Rescue Saguaro Cactus is Finding it’s Forever Home here in Highland Park!

When we aren’t busy helping rescue pups find their forever home and selling real estate, we love to spend time in our backyard homesteads. Gardening and growing fruits, veggies and citrus is a common passion we all share at The Shelhamer Group | Realpro Eastside.

Our broker Kendall is the founder of the Highland Park Cactus and Succulent Society and she really gets into cacti! Many years ago the society founded a rescue program for unwanted cactus and succulents. The mission is to help overgrown and unwanted cactus and succulents get re-homed.

The Highland Park Cactus and Succulent Society

the Highland Park Cactus and Succulent Society located in Highland Park CA

The program will remove these plants and repurpose them in new spaces and places where they will live and thrive all for free. When it was brought to our attention that a gentleman had threatened to cut down his 25ft tall Saguaro cactus in Riverside Ca we said heck no not on our watch! The society sprung into action and the details finalized. The cactus will be saved!

The operation will involve, site planning, 2 crane operators, a flatbed truck, custom built wooden bracing for transport and custom scaffolding at the final destination to support while being transplanted. This beautiful natural sculpture piece will be planted in a home we are currently renovating on San Marcos Pl in Highland Park. We are extremely excited about this operation and we will be documenting the entire journey!

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If you know anyone who is considering to cut down large unwanted cacti please give us a call at 310-913-9477 or email us. Additionally, if you know anyone thinking about moving in or out of the area we’d be happy to share our strategy when working with home buyers and home sellers.

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