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Sophisticated interior home colors 2019

When working in the white, black, and grey areas which exact color should I choose?

White, Black and grey, so simple right? Everyone knows exactly what you are envisioning when you mention these three words. White like fresh snow, a fluffy cloud passing you in the sky or like a polar bear cub sleeping against its mother. Black as in the dead of night, as in a perfect piece of ingenious obsidian, or a black kitten crossing your path. Grey as in newly poured concrete, the statuesque Half Dome in Yosemite, or like your favorite grey hoodie.

Such basic colors so easy to choose right? NOPE, that’s not what we have found at all! Here at Shelhamer Group Realpro Eastside, we have a walk-in closet where we house all of the paint samples we have used in the tons of renovations we have managed and the three colors we have in the highest abundance are…you guessed it…white, black and grey.

So why are these three colors so elusive? It is our belief that the simplicity of the colors adds a fear in those who need to choose. While in a home renovation there are many decisions to make and no one wants to take a misstep on the basic decision of a white, black or grey. So what have we learned through all of our renovations? Have we found the perfect white, black and grey? The answer is Yes we have and here they are!

Whisper White paint

Whisper White

The best white is Whisper White created by Behr color code: HDC-MD-08. We love Whisper White because it is regal, rich and timeless.

Black Magic paint color

Black Magic

Our favorite black is Black Magic created by Sherwin-Williams color code: SW 6991 (251-C3). Black Magic is a very strong black. It is deep, determined yet soft. Our favorite way to use Black Magic is in flat and we highly recommend you always consider using a flat finish inside your home.

Wolverine paint color grey


Our favorite grey is Wolverine created by Dunn Edwards color code: DET610. Wolverine is a grey that doesn’t over read. It does not read too hard, too soft too militant or too playful. Wolverine should be high on anyone’s paint sample list especially if one is considering a grey for a bathroom or cabinetry.

There you have our choices, we know our white, black and greys. We hope they treat you as well as they have treated us and remember now that you have these color codes you can mix any of these paints at Home Depot or Lowes in more cost-effective or luxurious paint brand allowing you to stay on budget or splurge!

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