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The Elysian Valley Arts Collective presents

Taylor Yard pedestrian Bridge

From Pueblo to town, village, city, and now our L.A Metropolis – bring it! The Elysian Valley “Frogtown” has seen its share of transformation along the Los Angeles River. After two major floods from floodplain thousands of feet wide, the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1930s brought about a radical transformation.

I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty. Just know it was necessary to save lives and property. These brave men and women set in motion a new engineered ecosystem out of necessity to its local citizens and future.

The Los Angeles River and the riparian corridor is a rich biodiversity hotspot. It’s filled with rare plants and animals. Watch your step!

This revitalization is happening in our backyard. The region is a California floristic province. It’s one of only five in the world. Diversity in the river contains 45,000 plant species. That’s a lot. On the face of the planet, we only know of 250,000 plant species. How do you like them apples?

Taylor Yard pedestrian Bridge

Over one million residents in Los Angeles live within one mile of the Los Angeles River. The channel walls will come down. The river will re-connect to the original flood plain. Our communities will connect with our new Taylor Yard Pedestrian Bridge. It’s a 400-foot bridge connecting Frogtown to Taylor Yard. 

Taylor Yard pedestrian Bridge

Hera The Dog Vodka

Join your neighbors The Elysian Valley Arts Collective and The Shelhamer Real Estate Group. Don’t miss this exciting happy hour discussion on the design and construction of the new 400-foot Taylor Yard Bridge.

Dubbed “Rumblefish” by the designer.

SPF Architects

How much fun it’s going to connect Frogtown to Taylor Yard in Cypress Park. It’s a forty-two-acre industrial parcel and former rail yard site at the center of The Los Angeles River.

And it wouldn’t be happy hour without Hera the Dog Vodka which has created a signature cocktail to toast the event. The drink recipes (cocktail & mocktail) will be sent with the Zoom meeting link when guests RSVP. Remember to Zoom responsibly!

Julia Pennington and Allison Lange of Hera the Dog Vodka

This Zoom Soiree will focus on the inspiration, design, and construction of the bridge. We’ll be touching on the background and rich cultural history of this part of the Los Angeles River too!

The Elysian Valley Arts Collective

EVAC is a 501(c)3 non-profit that operates in the Elysian Valley neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It was created to cultivate a sense of place and support a local, creative community along the rapidly revitalizing Los Angeles River.

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