COVID-19 Update

Given the uncertainty surrounding the impact of COVID-19, we have made changes to the buying and selling processes at The Shelhamer Real Estate Group.

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Gerald Eaton

Project Manager

Without question, one of the #1 keys to Gerald’s and Echo Builder’s success – taking care of their own. The skilled labor crews are salaried employees who are offered health and dental coverage among other perks.

“We take care of our team and they stick by us and take care of our clients”, says Gerald.

Echo Builders prides itself on offering a clear line of communication, developing trust, and attending to all the details on each and every project they undertake. They never pass the buck and take responsibility ever time. No excuses.

Creating realistic client expectations is the goal throughout the design-build process. They then work diligently to surpass clients’ expectations. Detailed in-house plans, specifications, and proposals for construction, along with time-tested business systems, well-thought-out schedules, and premium quality work, lead to thoroughly satisfied clients for life who continually call back and refer new clients.

Echo Builders are thrilled to be The Shelhamer Group’s preferred general contractor partner. Regardless of the job size, they will always be available for a free consultation. Offering white glove service both for home sellers interested in modifying their property before it is listed on the MLS and for homebuyers during the physical inspection period.

“We understand how difficult it is for homebuyers to inspect properties in a short time period – its a Rubix Cube of possibilities. Our promise is to offer detailed estimates for repairs and ideas to help reimage the property.”

Please reach out to Glenn Shelhamer so he can share with you the deep discounts Echo Builders offer exclusively for The Shelhamer Group clients.

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