The best real estate agent near me

Exceeding a real estate client’s expectations!

If someone typed into Google: The best real estate agent near me. Would your name pop up?

The best real estate agent near me

How far would you go as a real estate professional to satisfy your buyers or sellers?

It’s not only about marketing, open houses, and closing escrow.

As a real estate professional, I can tell you from experience getting a property sold is the bare minimum any agent can do for their client. Real estate is a “people” business, residential real estate especially can be very emotional. Buying or selling a home is a highly stressful time for a principal in a transaction. Our job is to lighten the load.

Once escrow closes is when my real estate service actually begins. When I tell my clients that, they laugh and then I laugh, but it’s actually true. If you buy a home through my team, before escrow closes, I’ll let you know which utilities to turn on and who are the service providers.

I’ll also remind you to schedule the cable internet to be installed asap. Sometimes the internet provider is booked out for a couple of weeks in Los Angeles. I’ve never understood if it’s short-staffed on technicians or maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist.

It doesn’t stop there! If you have a yard or a swimming pool you’re in good hands. If you want to renovate the home or add additional square footage modifying the footprint – I got you covered. How about new construction building an ADU – you got it! The Shelhamer Real Estate Group has your back covered.

If you’re selling your condo or house I’ll make sure to surprise you with a special gift. Then I’ll periodically be following up if for nothing more than a touch base. You’ll consider me your real estate professional for life. Like your dentist or CPA.

The best real estate agent near me
The best real estate agent near me

Opportunities to do more for your clients.

Other times homebuyers or sellers need extra help. Recently I took a listing in Silverlake Ca. If you don’t know your way around the City of Angles it’s on the Eastside of L.A. just northeast of downtown. My client is the executor of a Trust and one of the beneficiaries. The home belonged to her late father.

This Silverlake house for sale is within the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone. The safety of a home within the zone can be significantly increased with proper brush clearance, advanced planning, and preparation. We’re in a pickle because the seller hadn’t managed the landscape.

So, once a year the Los Angeles Fire Department will cut your lawn then you’ll find a bill in the mailbox. How do you like that? All of this can be avoided if you perform routine maintenance yourself.

Rolling up my sleeves to help clients. Literally.

This specific client of mine hasn’t taken care of the yard. Needless to say, she was shocked to be given a $900.00 estimate to deep clean the yard and haul away the debris. I tried getting her more competitive prices but at the end of the day, it just felt like the right time to roll up my sleeves and do it myself.

If you’re a real estate agent or broker like me and have a story of how you went above and beyond to take extra pressure and stress off your client’s plate I’d love to hear about it.

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The best real estate agent near me

Glenn Shelhamer is a nationally recognized Real Estate leader who has been helping people move in and out of the Los Angeles area for many years. He is also the team lead of The Shelhamer Real Estate Group. When Glenn’s not selling real estate he can be found spending time with his beautiful wife and two terrific kids.

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