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Tips how to keep your home baby proof

Baby proofing a home is critical

As a super parent, it’s your responsibility and privilege to protect your babies. This starts with protecting them from themselves within the four corners of the household.

Having a child is a great joy, but it comes with the responsibility of giving them 24-hour supervision to keep them safe, especially when they are toddlers. Kids live a dangerous life and the worst part is they don’t care how dangerous something is as long as it seems fun.

Most emergency room trips for kids are a result of accidents that happened right at home. As such, it is important to take the necessary steps to make your home as safe as possible for your kids to prevent injuries or worse. The following are some of the things you can do. Are you ready, Super Parent?

How to make your child’s bedroom safe

Your child spends a lot of time in their bedroom. First, you need to get a crib that is safe and comfortable. Get a crib with bars spaced narrowly to prevent your baby from slipping through and falling out. If the space between the bars is too wide, weave a cloth between them. The mattress should fit perfectly in the crib and not leave a space between it and the crib. Your baby could suffocate if she gets stuck in that space. Be careful with the stuffed animals you have in the crib. They are a suffocation risk and your baby can use them as a stool to attempt to climb out of the crib – then you’ll have an escapee on the lose!

The windows should have a guard especially if they are low to the floor. The window blinds should be cordless to prevent your child from getting their neck caught or even worse strangled. All heavy furniture in your child’s room such as the closet or dresser should be safely anchored to the floor or wall to avoid nasty injuries. Kids love to practice their climbing skills.

Protect your children

How to make the Kitchen child safe

The kitchen is full of life-threatening risks for your child. As such, it’s always good to ensure you have a way to make it off limits when you are not around.  First, keep all the matches and lighters where you are absolutely sure your child can’t reach them. Children are very curious about fire and once they strike that match stick, it could turn into a disaster. Same goes for knives and other sharp objects. Don’t keep them near the edge of the counter. Little hands love to pick everything up.

The lower cabinets should be protected and secured using childproof latches or magnetic locks that your baby can’t open. Any chemicals, cleaning products or spices that your child could ingest should be kept behind lock and key or in the upper cabinets where they can’t reach them. The microwave and other small appliances like coffee makers, toasters and sandwich makers should be kept in a place where the kids cannot reach them too. Consider locking some appliances like the fridge or the dishwasher if you don’t want your kid opening them when you are not there.

How to make your living room safe for your child

This is where your child plays and spends most of their time. First, the set up of the living room should have a lot of free space for your kid to run and play without getting hit by tables and chairs. If you can, have your TV mounted on the wall or buy a TV stand that’s too high for your child to reach. You may want to hide the remote too or it could vanish forever.

Photo frames and other glass objects should be kept well out of reach or replaced entirely with plastic. If your home has a fireplace, install a heat resistant gate to keep your child safe as the fire is burning. You should also buy pads for the fireplace edges to prevent your kid injuring themselves if they hit a sharp or stoney hearth.

The power strip and all other electric fixtures should be protected and hidden out of the reach of children or their line of sight. Kids can easily get electrocuted if they unplug a cord and stick a metallic object in one of the holes. Have a designated spot to keep all the toys after your child is done playing with them. Small toys are a choking hazard and they can also cause slips and falls.

Making other areas in the household baby safe

In the bathroom, always ensure that pills and toiletries are out of reach of your child, preferably under lock and key. Never leave your child to take a bath alone as they could drown even in small pools of water. Install gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent nasty falls.  If you have a swimming pool, make sure you have a pool fence and gate installed to control access to the pool. Without one, your child could easily fall in and drown when you are not looking.

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