Which Dallas Neighborhood Fits You Best?

Top 3 Luxury Neighborhoods In Dallas: Living Large In Big D!

Which Dallas Neighborhood Fits You Best?

Dallas, Texas is one of the best places to live in America presently.

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Several of our home sellers are relocating to Dallas for business or play, and we understand why! The economy is strong, and it’s getting stronger. The city is cleaner than many large cities; though it certainly has areas which could bear improvement. That’s the case with any large city. However, just as there are rough places in a big metropolis, there are safe places as well.

The most chic, expensive, luxurious appointments of small-town America can’t hold a candle to the luxury you’ll find in economically viable, financially trending cities like Dallas. There are some downright astonishing neighborhoods in such places. If you’re in the market for luxury, there are plenty of options in Dallas. In this writing, we’ll cover three of the top neighborhoods you could live in.

Preston Hollow

Which Dallas Neighborhood Fits You Best?

You can find trees lining streets like a scene from some stylized blockbuster film in Preston Hollow. Lots often include many acres, allowing you to build a large, luxurious home, manage a vineyard or orchard in your backyard, install a pool, attach outbuildings to the property, keep horses, or whatever suits you.

There’s a certain well-known U.S. president who used to live in Preston Hollow, and you’re very unlikely to find private schools of similar quality elsewhere. In the Dallas home buying market, some exceptionally pricey properties are available. Among the top five, you can find at least two located in Preston Hollow.

Uptown Dallas

There’s a lot in the name. “Downtown” has a connotation that makes one think of leather jackets, alleyways, tattoos, taverns, rock concerts, and, strangely, fine dining. But the connotation with “uptown” is entirely different. When you think “uptown”, you’re thinking expensive clothes, fine living, haute cuisine, open neighborhoods, safety, and financial excess.

Well, Uptown Dallas doesn’t disappoint in this regard. High-rise buildings with some of the most luxurious apartments in the country can be found in Uptown Dallas. Many of these buildings are within walking distance to some of the finest dining establishments in America, and if you’re on the market for cultural centers or prime nightlife, look no further. While there are options pertaining to condominiums, and properties you can buy, additionally, it’s possible to lease varying units. There are some seriously worthwhile Uptown Dallas apartments. At a minimum, should you be exploring residential options in Dallas, you owe it to yourself to look at a couple of these units. They’re inspiring if nothing else.

Wander Wood

Which Dallas Neighborhood Fits You Best?

Luxury is so high in Wander Wood, they put their prices upfront. Presently there are several residential lots of an exclusive variety available. In total, there are eight of them. The neighborhood is located in a place called Forest Lane Estates, and it’s off Wander Lane. Of the eight available lots presently, the least expensive starts at $1.125 million.

That’s not cheap! However, you do get what you pay for. Trees are old and mature in Wander Wood. Many yards have a babbling brook flowing gently behind them. In terms of peace, property value, security, and financially stable premises, it’s hard to find better living appointments than those of Wander Wood.

Finding Your Luxury Residence In Dallas

Dallas, Texas has a global reputation for doing things big. That’s the sort of thinking which predominates in Texas, to begin with. In terms of available luxury, there are definitely some neighborhoods that give older communities like those in New York City a run for their money. Texas has a deep history, and many of its financial roots are firmly established.

With any hunt for a primary residence, it behooves you to take your time and consider all available options. You want to know what your commute will look like and what’s near where you are? You also want to know that whatever property you invest in, it will retain value in the present, and long into the future, right?

Many luxurious neighborhoods exist in Dallas, this link provides further exposition into three more prime areas of this bustling city. Between Wander Wood, Uptown Dallas, and Preston Hollow, you’ll find some truly desirable properties. Whether you’re seeking to rent, or you’re seeking to own, you’ve got options in Dallas—so explore them!

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